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How to prepare your Taco Kit!

1. Open your taco kit and choose which taco dish you want to try today.

2. You will need two pans, one for the meat and the other for the tortillas. The tortillas are vacuum-packed and therefore arrive at you slightly hardened. Carefully separate the tortillas from each other to avoid breaking them.

3. Open the packaging with the meat dish you have selected. Now the contents (i.e. the meat) come into the heated pan.
You don't need to add any oil or other ingredients to the pan.
Heat the meat dish over medium heat.
You can also microwave the meat dish in a bowl covered with plastic foil.

4. Of course, you need tortillas for tacos!
You heat this in the second pan with a drop of oil over medium heat. Place one or two tortillas in the pan. After about 1 minute, turn it over and heat the tortilla from the other side. With warming the tortillas, they get flexible and not fragile anymore!
You can fill the tortillas with the meat dish right away or place the tortillas in a tea towel so they do not get cold. Never let the tortillas get cold! Recommendation would be to heat the tortillas, place them in a towel and then take them to the table where you can take all the time to enjoy your tacos!

5. Put a tortilla on your plate, cover it with the meat dish (2-3 tablespoons) and drizzle it with some salsa (the salsa comes with your kit, of course). Add onion and cilantro for extra flavor and crunchiness. 

6. Now you fold the tortillas together so that a crescent moon forms. Hold the tortilla together with your thumb, middle and forefinger and enjoy your taco like in Mexico.
Tacos are only eaten with the hands and only bitten off from one side!

In Mexico they say:

Provecho !!!
Bon appetit!!!