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It all began with a Mexican moving to Germany and missing Mexican food tremendously. There were plenty of Tex-Mex places around for so-called "Mexican food", but nothing tasted like in Mexico. The moment Taqueria La Lucha was launched in Nürnberg, back in November 2016, it became a place for people to get to know authentic Mexican tacos and the opportunity for Mexican customers to reminiscence about the streetfood tacos back home. Not only tacos, also spicy salsa, home-made Mexican drinks (agua fresca's), tamales, ceviche, enchiladas, name it. 

La Lucha stands for all the fighters. The road of establishing something in Germany wasn't easy and there was no better name to give to the Taqueria. To all the Luchadores, that fight in their own version of Lucha Libre, now you can refuel yourselves with our authentic Mexican tacos all over Germany.